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Solid, Engineered Core?

So what is an “engineered” door? Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just simply a cost-reducing production method that relies on cheap materials. Our engineered doors make use of modern manufacturing technologies to pack layers of high-quality, solid Meranti timber through a comprehensive process of pressing and gluing. These layers of timber then make up the core body of the door, as well as give it its solid characteristic. An outer layer of lipping and attractive veneer are then applied to the edge and surface of the core.

Better Performance and Durability

The multiple layers of timber pieces in our solid engineered door have the ability to

Meranti Timber being sorted and pressed

withstand stresses more effectively by diffusing the stress throughout the core. This unique quality gives our doors an enhanced ability to:

- Withstand varying climates

- Provide better security

- Prevent warping of its shape

- Provide better temperature insulation in the long-term

Overall, this means greater consistency, reliability and quality compared to doors that use particle boards or complete solid constructions. Find out more about our range here.

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