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Versatility of a flush core door

Don't get bog down with the fact that a flush door is the cheapest design one can get from a door, with a little creativity, we have turned the flush doors to a modern theme. If you are not familiar with a flush door, it is a door with no design just a rectangular piece of timber to fit into the jambs in a wall opening. A flush door can be made from many types of construction: hollow, honeycomb, solid - chipboard, solid - Finger jointed timber and full solid timbers.

As there are no stiles and rails on a flush door, traditional joints on the door are not required. This allows the door to be trimmed and reduced to virtually any sizes. In theory, one can get a wide flush door and cut to two to make two doors. This is only possible on either a full solid flush door and solid core finger jointed timber door. Being able to trim a door to any sizes allow the flexibility to install a solid flush to any openings so long that the door is at least the same size or smaller than the jambs opening. Besides, customers do not have to put up with no design door that comes with every flush door, Sky Doors added some clever routings on a flush door will impress.

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